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Editorial Services 
Glasses on a Page

What is the most difficult part of writing?
     - Always having to begin with 
a blank page.

At Harding-Lamp, we help take the pain out of writing.  We make it easy to translate your thoughts and ideas into polished, written text.  We work diligently to ensure that our work conveys your unique tone and style and that the finished product is always compelling, clear and concise.  Whether you need help finalizing a draft or are looking for an out-sourcing solution or something in between - we can meet your needs.

For projects needing immediate attention, check out our Virtual Partner Program.

A brief look at some of our services:

  • Designing Brochures, Newsletters & Marketing Letters

  • Update or Re-design Existing Marketing Collaterals

  • Edit Existing In-house Materials

  • Press Releases

  • Executive Ghostwriting 

  • Update or Develop Employee or Technical Manuals

  • Resumes, Cover Letters & Follow-up Correspondence For Established Professionals 

  • Draft or Edit Proposals or Business Plans

  • Design Presentations (Including PowerPoint Presentations)

  • Web Site Development 

The Harding-Lamp Group
Medway, Massacusetts 02053
Phone: (508) 533-6556  Fax: (508) 533-6506
Email: suz@harding-lamp.com