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Executive Services 

Not only do we make businesses successful, we make individuals successful too.  As a full-service Public Relations, Marketing and Management Services Firm, The Harding-Lamp Group, is uniquely positioned to provide professionals with a wide array of quality services.  

Some of our services include:  

  • Speechwriting                                    

  • Publicity Campaigns

  • Image Consulting

  • Ghostwriting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Individual Computer Training

  • Designing or Editing Presentations (Including PowerPoint)

  • Corporate Etiquette & Protocol

  • Creating Winning Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Negotiation Training

  • Relationship & Network Development Training (ideal for technical professionals)

We also offer several programs and services that are specifically geared towards women.  Whether you are a business owner, manager or a "stay-at-home" mom that is transitioning back into the workforce, we have the expertise to help you reach your goals.   


Do you have questions that you need immediate answers to?  Check out our Virtual Partner Program.


The Harding-Lamp Group
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