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Insurance Services 

At The Harding-Lamp Group, we bring a wealth of insurance and insurance management experience to our customers.  With over 15 years of experience in insurance operations, we are a rapidly growing, single-source solution that understands how to achieve results even in shifting markets.  

Our insurance experience is as diverse as successfully administering a group health purchasing group with over 3,500 lives to leading the Midwest expansion of a top regional property & casualty carrier,  which culminated in opening 9 new states, hiring and training a staff of 136 people and building a $96,000,000 full-service Region, in just 4 1/2 years.  

Whether you are a Health or Property and Casualty company, we can help you grow your operation profitably.

Our services include:


  • Agency Relationship Management

  • Agency Management Strategies

  • Market Expansion

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Agency Prospecting & Appointment

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Relationship Management

  • Corporate Event Planning

  • Collateral Review


  • Management Training

  • Staff Evaluations


  • Public Relations Campaigns

  • Target Market Effectiveness

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Product Evaluation

The Harding-Lamp Group
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