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Do you stand out in a crowd?

In today's competitive market getting the ear of your target audience may seem easier said than done, especially on a limited budget.  With so much communication clutter, how can you ensure that your audience hears your message?

At The Harding-Lamp Group, we bring over 8 years of experience developing and re-engineering corporate, product and professional identities.  We know how to quickly create and execute so that we don't miss a window of opportunity in the ever-changing market.  We work hard to ensure that your message is always clear, concise and gets results.


A brief look at some of our services:

  • Corporate Image Engineering 

  • Press Releases

  • New Product & Operations Launches 

  • Executive Image Consulting

  • Internal & External Communication Materials 

  • Promotional Campaigns 

  • Advertising 

  • Product Analysis 

  • Brand Management

  • Focus Groups


Got some tight deadlines?  Check out our Virtual Partner Program.

The Harding-Lamp Group
Medway, Massachusetts 02053
Phone: (508) 533-6556  Fax: (508) 533-6506
Email: suz@harding-lamp.com

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